Mp3 Blog #61: “Marées” – “Envolée”/”Chute – Parachute”

Sean Ferguson:
”Envolée” 1994-95
For solo piano
Performed by Marc Couroux

Michel Gonnevillle
”Chute – Parachute” 1989
For solo piano and tape
Performed by Marc Couroux

Both recordings are available on this album at emusic

* * * * *

I apologize for my recent break in regular posts. For the last two weeks I have been providing computer-related support for four concerts in the 2007 Montréal/New Music. So, in between programming, organizing and preparing technical setups for rehearsals, and meeting with guest composers I’ve had little time to work on my own music yet alone update this blog. However, since I successfully finished my last obligation on Tuesday I now have time to catch up some with my writing and posting.

I’ve decided to return by posting a few really great pieces by a couple of fellow Montréal composers and friends Sean Ferguson (who is director of the McGill Digital Composition Studios) and Michel Gonneville. Both of these incredibly difficult pieces were also recorded by my friend Marc Couroux, who recently started a position teaching New Media at York University and – like another renounced piano virtuoso, David Tudor – doesn’t perform piano much anymore.

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