Mp3 Blog #53: Knee Train, Night Train Knee

Philip Glass:
From “Einstein on the Beach” (1976)
”Knee 1”
”Train 1”
”Night Train”
”Knee 3”

Performed by the Philip Glass Ensemble and available on this compact disc

Also check a number of free videos and audio of the of Philip Glass Ensemble in the 70’s at Ubuweb

* * * * *

When I was eight and first started playing piano and composing (the two thankfully began simultaneously) my first compositional discovery was constantly repeating two to different five notes. When I first demonstrated my discovery to my teacher she laughed and said that I sounded like Philip Glass.

Because of this event, until two years ago I had never actively listened to any Philip Glass. To try and rectify this lapse in my musical education I listened to a number of Glass’s compositions from throughout his career and while I was alternatively underwhelmed by the softness of his more recent compositions I was also thoroughly impressed by the more abrasive, jarring, and direct esthetic demonstrated in earlier works like “Music in Changing Parts” and “Einstein on the Beach.”

Yesterday, to celebrate Philip Glass’s 70th birthday I listened to all of “Einstein on the Beach” at an abrasively loud volume. And, although I am sure my neighbors were probably cursing my name by the time it was over, if it wasn’t already so late I would have been willing to listen to it all again.

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