Mp3 Blog #51: Charlie Patton

Charlie Patton:
”A Spoonful Blues”
”Shake It & Break It”
”Mississippi Boweavil Blues”
”Devil Sent the Rain”

Charlie Patton & Bertha Lee:
”Oh Death”

All available on the fantastic Charlie Patton Complete Recordings: 1929-1934 and John Fahey’s excellent compilation Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues: The Worlds of Charlie Patton

* * * * *

I can think of two ways that Giacinto Scelsi and Charlie Patton relate to each other:

The first and more superficial relationship is that there is only one known photo of debatable authenticity of Giacinto Scelsi and only one known photo of debatable authenticity of Charlie Patton.

The second and more interesting relationship is that both Scelsi and Patton use inflection masterfully to enliven what could otherwise be particularly bland musical materials (e.g. Scelsi’s one notes and Charlie Patton’s blues forms).

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