Mp3 Blog #98: “The Space Between”

Jacob David Sudol: ”The Space Between” (2008)

For soprano, flute, clarinet, cello, and live electronics

Performed by Stephanie Aston (voice), Christine Tavolacci (flutes), Przemyslaw Bosak (clarinets), Ashley Walters (cello), Jacob David Sudol (electronics/mixing), Robert Zellickman (conductor)

* * * * *

‘Alas, when the Uncertain Experiencing of Reality is dawning upon me here,
With every thought of fear or terror or awe for all set aside,
May I recognize whatever appear, as the reflections of my own consciousness;
May I know them to be the nature of the apparitions in the Bardo:
When at this all-important moment of achieving a great end,
May I not fear the band of Peaceful and Wrathful, mine own thought-forms.’

–verse for traversing the Chönyid Bardo *

The Space Between was written in 2008. The composition intends to explore the experience of traversing through and inhabiting a great variety of constantly changing yet unified intermediate states.
The primary inspiration for this work was the initial state of dying as described in The Tibetan Book of the Dead where one first begins to recognize “the dissolution of earth… into water, water into fire, fire into wind, wind into consciousness.”* These ideas were treated abstractly and combined with a personal vision of dying as a confused state where unusual simplified archetypal characters constantly bleed into and out of each other.

* Texts taken from Chapter 11 of the The Tibetan Book of the Dead: translated by W.Y. Evans-Wentz (Oxford, 1960)

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