Mp3 Blog #36: Some Songs

For Edison Glenn (January 25, 1980 – October 19, 1996)
il maglio fabbro

Bob Dylan:
”He Was a Friend of Mine”
Available on The Bootleg Series Volume 1

Blind Willie Johnson:
”Lord, I Just Can’t Keep From Cryin’”
Available on The Complete Recordings of Blind Willie Johnson

Will Oldham:
”I Am a Cinematographer”
Available on “Days in the Wake”

Woody Guthrie:
Available on The Asch Recordings, Volume 2 Muleskinner Blues

Reverend J. M. Gates:
”Oh Death, Where is Thy Sting”
Available on the Anthology of American Folk Music

Reverend Gary Davis:
”There’s Destruction On This Land”
Available on If I Had My Way

Jolie Holland:
”Ghost Waltz”
Available on Catalpa

Washington Phillips:
”Paul and Silas in Jail”
Available on Key to the Kingdom

The Carter Family:
”Grave on the Green Hill Side”
Available on The Carter Family: 1927-1934

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