Mp3 Blog #35: “Qualia sui”

Denys Bouliane:
”Qualia sui:” I (2001-2002)
”Qualia sui:” II
”Qualia sui:” III
For piano trio

Performed by the Trio Fibonocci

Recording not commercially released

* * * * *

Following what is starting to become running series of quiet introspective posts, I’ve decided to post another dark introspective work.

“Qualia sui” is the first in Denys Bouliane’s new trilogy of chamber works (the second being “Rumore sui” (2002-03) for piano trio and the final being “Tremore sui” for violin and piano (2004-)). The thematic linking in these works derives itself from the Latin word “sui” which means “of oneself” and, over the course of the trilogy, follows a progression towards a deeper level of introspective probing. Denys has also remarked that writing each of these pieces has been progressively harder; so much so that, as of last Winter, he still hadn’t completed “Tremore sui.”

The introversion in these works stands in strong contrast to the majority of Denys’s catalogue, which tends towards overt extroversion. In my opinion, it is possibly this distinction that also makes the two completed “sui” chamber works some of Denys Bouliane’s strongest and most enduring works.

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