Mp3 Blog #34: Approaching Silence

Wolfgang Rihm:
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ I, schroff (1976)
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ II
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ III
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ IV, äuBerst gedehnt
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ V
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ Zwischenspiel
String Quartet #3 ‘Im Innersten:’ VI

Performed by the Arditti String Quartet
(currently out of print)

* * * * *

For the last few days I decided not to listen to any music. I’m sure that to many, this may not seem all that unusual but, as I’ve said before, I typically listen to multiple hours of music each day and, as I haven’t said before, I often rely upon it to fulfill some sort of intangible emotion function.

I could say that this personal trial because I want to see what my thoughts and emotions bring or don’t bring in silence but, honestly, this has been more about seeing what happens if, even for the slightest period of time, I can’t rely upon music as I have seemingly have needed to before.

To compliment this I have (however ironically it may seem) chosen to post a piece of music that Wolfgang Rihm wrote when he was merely 24, a work that follows what has become a predominant German post-war artistic esthetic – approaching silence. Enjoy listening to it in the moment and, possibly even more so, afterwards.

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