Mp3 Blog #32: Steve Reich

Steve Reich:
“Different Trains: After the War” (1988)
For string quartet and tape

If you don’t have a copy already go buy Krono’s version, the Smith Quartet Version, or the Quator Bozzini version

* * * * *

I was only going to post once today but – by goly – it’s Steve Reich’s 70th birthday and I’ve just got to post my favorite movement from my favorite Steve Reich piece (that is besides “Music for 18 Musicians” which should never be broken up).

I’m not going to make any broad universal claims like “Steve Reich is the greatest living composer…;” however, I will say that Steve Reich is my favorite living American composer and my favorite of all the so-called “minimalist” (or whatever you want to call the music what has followed) composers, not just because I love repeatedly listening to his music, but because unlike the many others he has made a number of large compositional transformations and developments over the years.

Happy 70th Steve Reich! I wish you many more years, many more great compositions, and maybe even some more great transformations.

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