Jay C. Batzner is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida where he teaches theory, composition, and technology courses as well as coordinates the composition program. He holds degrees in composition and/or theory from the University of Missouri Kansas City, the University of Louisville, and the University of Kansas.

Jay's music is primarily focused around instrumental chamber works as well as electroacoustic composition. His music has been recorded on the Capstone, Vox Novus, and Beauport Classical labels and is published by Unsafe Bull Music.

Jay is a sci-fi geek, an amateur banjoist, a home brewer, and juggler.

The Law of Averages

Whoo! I am psyched today. I just found out that ANOTHER grant thingy that I applied for came through. Remember that artist who cried when she heard my piece Near Burning? We wrote a grant to do some collaborative work. She is taking my piece and creating some visual art. I'll take those pieces and make more electroacoustic pieces. Then maybe she'll make some more art and I'll lather, rinse, repeat.

Always repeat.

Once we have enough visual materials and audio samples put together, we are going to make an animation of the whole shebang. Should be cool. And then, as the final cherry on the icing on the cake, we are going to send the whole megillah to the poet Kathleen Peirce whose poem Near Burning inspired my piece in the first place.

This is super neato. Can you tell that I'm pumped?

Anyhow, this is why I get so much adrenaline when I send out scores. I know that if I use a carpet bombing strategy in sending out materials that something will get picked up. One of my majors tasks for the rest of January is refining my bombs so I can lay more devastation throughout the verdant countryside. In other words, write for ensembles that maximize the notion of getting performances.

Anyhow, I now get to write a boatload of electroacoustic pieces. I'll post progress as it happens.