"Art is the creative custodian of the truth"...Heidegger

"There is no true Art without secrecy"...Camus

Jack Reilly is a pianist, composer, and author whose work has achieved a remarkable synthesis of traditional classical music with jazz. His compositions and performances reflect his solid musicianship, intelligence and sophistication. The enthusiastic response his European tour with George Russell's New York Band and his subsequent performance with the band at the Village Vanguard in New York City; his concert at Jordan Hall in Boston with the Jack Reilly Trio, where he was given a standing ovation; his recordings and books --- three volumes on jazz improvisation entitled Species Blues, nine folios of his compositions and the acclaimed book The Harmony of Bill Evans confirms the scope of Reilly's talents and versatility.

Reilly has also presented lecture/recitals at numerous schools in North America and in Europe including presentations at the prestigious International Piano Festival and Competition at the University of Maryland. Formerly chairman of the Department of Jazz Studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, he has served on the faculties of the Mannes College of Music, New York University, The New School, The Berklee School of Music, and as chairman of the Jazz Program at La Musica A Villa Scarsella in Diano Marina, Italy.

His recordings include include albums of original material: Blue Sean Green, Tributes, The Brinksman, Masks, Here's What I Like, Tzu-Jan Volume 1 and 2, and two new releases, Pure Passion and Live in Poland, all on the Unichrom label.

His compositions include Jazz Requiem (1968), an Oratorio comissioned by the NEA (1974), Chuang-Tzu - Theme and Eight Variations for Orchestra (1993), Concertina for Jazz Piano and Strings(dedicated to Bill Evans), Lullabys for Orchestra, Fantasy for Piano and Wind Quintet(dedicated to George Russell), Piano Sonata in D Minor, and Concerto for Harmonica and Strings.

In 2001 his first Piano Concerto for jazz trio and orchestra, titled, Orbitals was premiered in Houghton Michigan,with the composer as soloist, with the Keweenaw Symphony, Jeff Bell-Hanson, conducting.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

I received this email from Giovanni and thought my blog site readers would enjoy it. If you don't read Down Beat get the current copy, February, and let's start a fracas!

Signor Petranich will return with some reviews.....................

It's been sometime since I've published on my site. Did you miss me? That was a rhetorical question..................................................


Caro Down Beat,

DB's Brad Melhdau feature in the new issue is full of narcissistic overload
and hyperbolic "JIVE". Per esempio: He says he didn't listen to Bill
Evans much. Mi dispiace, for if Brad heard the Eddie Costa "GUYS and
DOLLS" CD re-issue with Evans as a sideman(1958 recording), both he and
Matheny would forever hold their arrogant, haughty, supercilious tongues.
Evans' playing on this recording redefines what it means to "SWING" and
Melhdau would have stayed in the "shed" a few more years to fully absorb
this genius.

I don't think Melhdau and Matheny know their Jazz History very well, let alone understand and absorb its significance to their own development!!

Evans is America's Chopin. His music timeless will out last Mehldau's and Pat's.
Matheny revealed his lack of a discerning musical psyche when DB quoted him
as saying he didn't care for Evans' music!! It's tantamount to saying
Chopin is now a footnote in the evolution of Western Classical Music.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion. But the truth is true always. Evans'
music is the Truth.

Such ramblings of two ego maniacal lesser talents should have been dismissed by

Respectfully Yours,

Via Email: