MRTP--Day 2

Shostakovich--String Quartet No. 7

Irving Fine--String Quartet

Britten--Death In Venice--Act II

Music of Philip Grange--
The Kingdom of Bones
Lowry Dreamscap
Diptych for oboe and harp
Concerto for Solo Clarinet Radical and Symphonic Wind Band
(This is a Cameo disc--2061--Philip Grange is a terrific composer who teaches
a the University of Manchester and whose music should be a lot better known in the US--everywhere, actually)

Ellington--Jumpin'Pumkins, John Henry's Wife, Blue Serge, Jump for Joy (from Classics 837)

Lister--Sleeping In Air (Sometimes you want to remember that you exist)


The Beetles--Sgt. Pepper

Peter Maxwell Davies--Piano Trio

Then I was able to find ACT--in Knoxville)

I arrived yesterday at about 5:00CST--Good thing. I've o.d.ed for a little while