Jay C. Batzner is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida where he teaches theory, composition, and technology courses as well as coordinates the composition program. He holds degrees in composition and/or theory from the University of Missouri Kansas City, the University of Louisville, and the University of Kansas.

Jay's music is primarily focused around instrumental chamber works as well as electroacoustic composition. His music has been recorded on the Capstone, Vox Novus, and Beauport Classical labels and is published by Unsafe Bull Music.

Jay is a sci-fi geek, an amateur banjoist, a home brewer, and juggler.


Ok, I'm starting to get some reviews from one of my compositions. The great part is that I haven't even finished the piece yet! Here are some initial reactions to my solo marimba suite (in progress) tentatively titled Songs of my Youth.

from Ryan Churchill, longtime friend and band, erm, Wind Ensemble director:
"You and I both are probably headed for hell anyway, this just puts you on the fast track."

from Heidi Parker, my sister:
"Shame on you! Shame! Shame! Bow your head in shame!!!"

Strong stuff, eh? The thing about Songs is that each movement is an abstraction from some early 80s pop tune. They are incredibly fun pieces to write. I don't know if they are fun to listen to but based on these reactions I think I am going in the right direction.

I almost forgot to mention the tunes:
1. Come on Eileen
2. Don't Dream it's Over
3. Careless Whisper (which yielded the above comments)
4. Always Something There to Remind Me
5. Take on Me