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The goal of this site is a simple one—to promote contemporary classical music and its creators.  Our approach is that of music lovers who are catholic and apolitical in our tastes.  We embrace all serious modern music and aim to do so without favoring one school or type of music over another.  If we have a bias, it is toward living, working composers because they are the dedicated people who don't get enough attention or opportunities to have their music heard or recorded. 

At the same time, we are mindful that all music has a context and history and it is always good to know where something came from.  While we consider our focus to be music written since the end of World War II we are mindful that modernism predates that arbitrary cut-off point. 

Elitist though it may seem in these politicized times, we also believe in the concept of quality as the only criteria for what endures in the arts. We consider our mission to be to help create and enlarge the audience for contemporary classical music. We welcome all fellow travelers on this mission. 

Duane Grant, publisher and co-founder, is a musician who has been involved in the orchestration of works for a number of Broadway shows, the Canadian Brass, and—most recently—the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. 

Jerry Bowles, editor and co-founder, is a professional journalist and music lover whose collection of more than 3,000 classical CDs contains not a single Mozart. 

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