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Friday, December 01, 2006
Friday Music Friday




back from a weekís hiatus

under byen

under byen

oh my.

the shins

the first single of the new album.

Having never got the beach boys, I donít

get the shins, though I understand why people do.

charlotte hatherley


the knife

joanna Newsom

all songs considered has an hour of

stuff from her new album and stuff she likes

plus you can vote on all songs album of the year

Lindsay buckingham

in the same show as above.

Iíve a confession that I shouldnít feel need

to guiltily confess. Lindsay buckinghamís solo albums

are fabulous. Simply great. Out of the cradle

is still in heavy rotation. This is from the latest.

Mates of state

I may have posted this before, but this band

fascinates me. No one sounds like them.

Itís not always great, but itís always them.

Foreign islands

And my choice for album of the year: