I’m so glad you asked!  TAFTO is Drew McManus’s “Take a Friend to the Orchestra” month–a month dedicated to bringing new fans into the fold.  As always, Drew is marking TAFTO with a series of essays by hot, industry-savvy writers — how-to guides, analysis of the contemporary situation, and so on.  The first two essays went up yesterday and today, and you should check them out.

Both of my fans (hi mom!) will want to know that my own contribution will be going up on April 12th, and the rest of you will want to know that you can see a list of the other contributors (including the likes of Frank Oteri and Leonard Slatkin) and other timely TAFTO information right here.  Why, I’m reading it right now!

Seriously, this is good stuff and if you’re interested in discussions about the future of the classical music industry these essays will be worth reading.

2 Responses to “What the heck is TAFTO?”
  1. David Rakowski says:

    I am Galen’s other fan (Hi Galen!!). I am especially happy that Toad And Frogs Take Over went out of business, thereby making their acronym available. Should be lots of fun.

  2. Mark Berry says:

    Thanks for the post on TAFTO. I enjoyed the comments on the Adaptistration blog, too.