Advertise on S21

Sequenza21 is a volunteer musical community which means contributors don’t get paid.  They also write if and when they feel like it about whatever they want to write about.  So, it’s fair.

We do sell a limited amount of advertising and use the revenues mostly for hosting fees, site development and for staging  occasional live Sequenza21 concerts.

If you’re one of those people who care about statistics and demographics and, God help us, ROI, you’re probably in the wrong place.  If you care about a targeted audience and passionate readers, you’re cool.

Ads are available in two sizes:

Up to 145×150  – $200 per month

Up to 145×400 – $350 per month

You can have a 145×145, changed monthly, for $1000 for an entire year

You can have a 145×400, changed monthly, for $1500 for an entire year

We do all standard graphic formats except Flash.  I don’t like Flash.

Questions, complaints, artwork to Jerry Bowles at or if you really must, call me at (917) 617-9945