Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to keep up with the spam attacks our little wiki have suffered and have been forced, because of bandwidth charges, to take it temporarily down. I don’t mind spending a few bucks for the new music world; I’m just not that interested in spending bucks for creepy botboys.

I’ll be looking for some plugins or other solutions in the meantime. Sorry for any inconvenience. All of the data is fine – including a zillion links to sex toys, viagra, ciallis in our articles and then there’s the spam stuff too! Just kidding… and stay tuned.

P.S.  It’s back up.  I upgraded to the latest version and installed two new spam-blocking systems.  One, unfortunately, requires that you verify you’re not a bot by typing in 2 words.  Any help, removing all of the krrrrrap those jerks put into our wiki would be appreciated.

4 Responses to “Sequenza21/NetNewMusic Wiki Spammed – Temporarily Taken Down”
  1. Good news! The upgrade and the new anti-spam systems seem to work. We haven’t had any spam for 3 days now when it had been about once a day. Thanks for those that pitched in… If you have articles please take a look at them. I’ve been hitting random articles and cleaning up what I see.

  2. Ok, it’s back! Needs cleaning up now. You’ll notice that when you login now it requires you type two words. This is of course bad for blind folk… but at the moment it’s the best solution. Anybody want to pitch in cleaning up the spam, that would be appreciated!!!

  3. I’m in the process of upgrading MediaWiki and looking for the latest spam prevention tools, david. I’ll look at that one. I’m leaning towards the use of Captcha. That’s the thing we all hate that requires you type in the letters from a graphic to post.

    Here’s the latest spam prevention stuff from the MediaWiki crew themselves. http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Spam

    Anybody else have any bright ideas, I’m all ears. Also if anybody needs access to it let me know. It’s up; I just hid the URL, which I will not post, for obvious reasons.

  4. david toub says:

    Thanks. The attacks have been nonstop, and I also could not keep up with reverting the pages back. I wonder if the solution might unfortunately be to either protect each page (which I believe has to be done manually for each one, which is laborious) or else install the flagged revisions add-on I’ve seen for mediawiki.