The big news today is that NPR and 12 NPR Member stations are launching NPR Music, a free, comprehensive multimedia music discovery Web site, that features on-air and online content aggregated from NPR and the participating stations as well as original-to-NPR Music materials such as interviews, reviews, blogs and live performances.   The press release goes on to note that specific sections of the site are dedicated to rock/pop/folk, classical, jazz/blues, world and urban music.   In each genre, program and subject area, users can explore NPR’s and the stations’ renowned music journalism; intimate interviews and studio sessions with artists and bands; NPR’s and stations’ popular national and regional web concerts; reviews and news; original blogs from critics, experts and artists; and podcasts.  The site culls from NPR’s and the stations’ extensive music archives to present thousands of features; at launch, the site’s Artist Index alone, an A to Z artist directory, offers content about more than 2000 performers.  More than 200 new features will be added from NPR and the stations monthly, joining thousands of hours of archived concert, story, review and interview pieces.

Sounds pretty neat to me.

3 Responses to “Sure It’s a Commie Front, But NPR Rules”
  1. Robert Jordahl says:

    I checked this out and found it to be exellent . I listened to ” All that Jazz “, a show thatused to watch on tv. — good sound, too.

  2. I have to say, the sound quality is quite good. I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Jerry. This will either enhance, or seriously diminish, my productivity.

    Either way will be fine…