Robert Gable at his aworks blog flagged this gem of news from Dennis Bathory-Kitsz’s We Are All Mozart site:

Beginning this summer, we are bringing back Kalvos & Damian — not the old format of the New Music Bazaar, but rather Kalvos and Damian: In the House!  … We shut down the show in September 2005 after 537 episodes, but the demand for our show has never quite relented. We will start with the four interviews we did not broadcast during the show’s initial run, and then continue with Art Jarvinen and, if things go well, with Lisa Whistlecroft. By then we should have a schedule set up. K&D will not be on the air, which will give us more flexibility to conduct the interviews at our leisure and not be locked into time or geography. The show will be recorded on each end (or all three ends, if David “Damian” Gunn stays home) using a Skype connection, and the resulting recordings dropped atop one another. Fun a-comin!   ~ Dennis

K&D’s original New Music Bazaar was truly a new-music treasure — and still is, since virtually all of the shows are still being archived on the web for your listening pleasure. Dennis/Kalvos and David/Damian (for those not familiar, handily branded with scarlet letters for life by me in the above photo) have selflessly, and often absurdly, promoted a huge swath of new-music activity that often gets little notice or airplay. Chock-a-block full of interviews, music, and offbeat stories, the shows aren’t always (or even often) serious, but the underlying commitment and love for new, living music most definitely is. Stand by your internet dial, and we’ll let you know when links to the show are up.

Update: By the by, Dennis was recently interviewed by current Vermont composer-in-residence David Ludwig, and you can view the whole thing online.

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  1. Great news! Welcome back more bazaar! 🙂 I think you’re spelling ‘the’ wrong tho… in the title.