One of our English connections (and good S21 pal), Edward Lawes sent along a note reminding us that György Ligeti is BBC3’s Composer of the Week, so be sure to check the schedule for lots of good listening on the menu. Not only that, but This Tuesday (10 March) evening brings us a great allXenakis broadcast on the Beeb’s Performance on 3 program.  That feast includes Tracees, Anastenaria, Sea-Nymphs, Mists, Nuits, Troorkh, and Antikhthon. This stuff is generally archived for a week or so, meaning you can be fashionably late yet still not miss a note.

Ed’s own blog, Complement.Inversion.Etc., is always a good read, which is why it’s now listed over on the right sidebar. Stop by and read up, say hi, have a spot of tea… (or whatever it is they’re drinking over there these days).

3 Responses to “Yummy!”
  1. ed lawes says:

    I used to drink lots of coffee, too much, always with a cigarette, then I had to give up, for my ‘health’ or something, (now I stick to non caffeine drinks, a bit dull but there it is).

    I’ve tried quite a few Chinese teas but no Japanese so far, i’ll have to look out for some.

  2. Steve Layton says:

    No problem, Ed. I have to admit to being a coffee guy (single and double espressos, though). For tea I’m awfully partial to good Japanese sencha (which tastes/smells — both disconcertingly and comfortingly — like the cow pastures of my youth).

  3. ed lawes says:

    Thanks for passing on the radio3 news and for the blog link Steve.

    Re tea, it is still the nation’s favourite (I think). I recommend Rooibos/Redbush tea, it’s like normal tea you can put milk and sugar in but it’s ‘naturally’ caffeine free.