in cFor all you Angelenos and outlying: word from Paul Bailey that this Thursday evening there’s a midnight performance of Terry Riley‘s In C, and you’re all invited to come on over and participate. Bailey’s eponymous ensemble will be joined by the Los Angeles New Music Ensemble and others — now, said others can include you! The place is Juanita’s (5930 York Blvd., Highland Park); there’s a 10:30pm load-in, 11:30pm rehearsal, and the midnight performance.

In C is shaping up to become this century’s new Messiah — except we don’t need no stinking Christmas to trot it out and have a go. So why not get into the spirit, and do your bit for communal music-making?  To give you a head start, Paul’s thoughtfully included a PDF of the score, so you can spend a little time beforehand brushing up on your chops.

3 Responses to “In C can you say, by the midnight light”
  1. gammafied says:

    I participated in “In C”, in Spring 2009 – Atlanta, GA – It was pretty awesome. I totally lost track of time. Before I knew it, 45 mins had elapsed. I thought it had only been 15. We had a fair amount of synthesizers, but a good mix of musicians.

  2. paul bailey says:

    looks interesting,

    have you seen these podcasts released by sony masterworks? i haven’t had any time to listen, but hey are on my iphone.

  3. Bill Solomon says:

    speaking of In C, has anyone read Robert Carl’s new book? haven’t picked it up yet, but anxious to delve into it.