My Year of Opera 22: He’s NOT The Messiah, He’s a Very Naughty Boy

THIS time, I knew I was going to get a comedy. A one-night only oratorio adapted from Life of Brian? I was quite excited to see it. I think Life of Brian is the best Python film and since I have heard rave things about Spamalot (but never seen/heard it myself), I was happy to find this event on Netflix.

It was disappointing. While I appreciate that they didn’t just go chapter-and-verse through all the gags in the movie, I wasn’t terribly excited about the drawing out of Brian’s story (ejecting most everything else). Set in grand British Oratorio Tradition, the music hit me rather flat, too. It sounded like someone writing what they thought music was supposed to sound like. Unnecessary songs were inserted for unnecessary reasons and mostly weren’t that funny.

Cameos were enjoyable (Terry Gilliam’s was the most appropriate) but basically the event reinforced that Monty Python, as an entity, is more of a museum piece than living, breathing, vibrant comedy. They were awesome, back in the day. Flying Circus and their films are still hilarious and fabulous. They haven’t progressed as a troupe, though, and it was wrong for me to expect otherwise. It would be the equivalent of seeing Victor Borge and expecting him to have new, fresh, topical material.

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