NY Phil’s Curious Omissions

Yesterday, Alex Ross wrote a short essay on The Rest is Noise about next season’s offerings at the New York Philharmonic. After discussing several highlights, including Stockhausen’s Gruppen at the Park Avenue Armory, the NYPO’s first presentation of a piece by Philip Glass (!), and a new work by John Corigliano, he pointed out some curious omissions.

Ross wrote,”The Contact! series will elicit new works from Alexandre Lunsqui, Yann Robin, and Michael Jarrell. The series has no American music this year, nor is there any music by women in the entire season.”

Like Ross, I’m very excited by some of the other programs the NY Phil has in store for audiences, but I can’t help but wish that both Contact! and the season in general were more diverse.

Let’s help them out: a list of American women composers that should appear on Contact! and subscription concerts at the NY Phil.

13 thoughts on “NY Phil’s Curious Omissions

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  2. Well, your picture on this entry suggests one possibility. Let’s see, these are some American women composers they should be looking at/listening to:

    Arlene Sierra (who was featured on Contact last year, granted)
    Hannah Lash
    Xi Wang
    Alexandra Gardner
    Kristin Kuster
    Kati Agocs
    Angelica Negron
    Elizabeth Vercoe
    Augusta Read Thomas
    Susan Botti (whose work has been featured by the Philharmonic before, as has Thomas’)
    Carrie L. Rose
    Stacey Garrop
    Andrea Reinckemeyer
    Marilyn Shrude

    I’m sure I can think of more if you give me some time…

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  4. Just to add to the growing list:
    Judith Lang Zaimont
    Ellen Taafe Zwillich
    Sophie Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté
    Lili Boulanger
    Lisa Bielawa
    Unsuk Chin
    Olga Neuwirth
    Beata Moon
    Pauline Oliveros
    Alex Shapiro
    Chihchun Chi-sun Lee
    Eve Beglarian

    It’s a shame that the NYPhil has chosen to ignore such a vital part of contemporary music.

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  6. Carola Bauckholt
    Rebecca Saunders
    Chaya Czernowin
    Liza Lim
    Erin Gee
    Karin Haussmann
    Isabel Mundry

  7. Ann Millikan(an extraordinary talent!)
    Barbara Kolb
    Missy Mazzoli
    Annie Gosfield
    Ruby Fulton
    Ann LeBaron
    Libby Larsen
    Beth Anderson
    Wendy Chambers
    Janice Giteck
    Margeret Brouwer

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