Playlist for Monday 2/6/12

Dark UrrrU/Waterfinder - cassette split (via the sadly now defunct Peasant Magik): A generous helping of drones, post-psych reverberations, spoken word and caterwauling from Portland, Maine supergroup.

Caldera Lakes - “arranged” (via Ecstatic Peace): see Sunday’s review.

Long Distance Poison – The Shores of Titan: free download via their Soundcloud page (thanks to Steve Smith for the tip!)

Sharon Van EttenTramp (Out this week via Jagjaguwar). Her last album was indeed Epic; and this one has breakout hit all over it. Check out L Magazine’s article on Sharon: she’s interviewed by Wye Oak’s vocalist Jenn Wasner.

Sharon Van Etten

Tim Berne - Snakeoil (ECM Records): Also out this week, alto saxophonist Tim Berne’s most “chamber music”  flavored foray to date. Ches Smith, Oscar Norieaga, and Matt Mitchell join Berne on his first studio recording in years, creating supple, dynamic, and adventurous renditions of a set of new original compositions.

Johann Johannsson - The Miners’ Hymns (FatCat): From February 8-14 at Film Forum on West Houston Street in NYC, there will be screenings of Bill Morrison’s film The Miners’ Hymns: a portrait of the inexorable winds of change that beset a British mining town, forever changing its residents’ way of life. The score was released last year, but its evocative mixture of organ, brass ensemble, and string textures is well worth revisiting, even sans Morrison’s touching cinematography.

RCRDLBL shares playlists for Thanksgiving

If you’re looking forward to Thanksgiving today, the folks at RCRDLBL have put together a suitable accompaniment to the festivities: a “Good Thanksgiving” listening list.

If, for whatever reason, your holiday seems more filled with dysfunction than normal, don’t worry – they’ve got your back there too.

Here’s an embed of the “Bad Thanksgiving” playlist.

What would we do without the folks at RCRDLBL, who seemingly anticipate our every musical mood? (sniff) It makes me thankful they’re around!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. Everyone else, have a grand Thursday.

By the way, for those of you braving the stores tomorrow, independent record sellers are holding Black Friday Record Store Day events, with special releases and other fun, to commemorate conspicuous consumption, record hound style.

File Under ? Early Summer 2011 Playlist

Thus far, 2011 has been an excellent year for releases of new music. Some formats that many folks thought to be those of yesteryear – 7” singles, 12” vinyl LPs, and even (shudder) cassettes – continue their resurgence.

Vinyl has long been touted by audiophiles; but why cassettes? Nostalgia? Perhaps. But it may also be due to an abiding interest in collecting audio artifacts, as well as a burgeoning taste for lo-fi DIY. Either way, I wish that my car was equipped with a cassette deck, as I’ve enjoyed several new ones at home. This playlist includes several of the discs (both compact and vinyl), tapes, and digital releases that have been in heavy rotation during the beginning of summer 2011. I’m listing whole releases, rather than individual cuts. Check back later in the summer for a proper mixtape.

n  Mark Templeton, Scotch Hearts (cassette SLG022)

n  Neon Marshmallow 2011 Festival Comp (Neon Marshmallow cassette)

n  Feelies, Here Before (Bar None digital)

n  Colin L. Orchestra, Infinite Ease/Good Good (Northern Spy CD)

n  V/A, Clandestine Comp. Series Vol. 1 (Northern Spy cassette)

n  Chris Dingman, Waking Dreams (Between Worlds CD)

n  Craig Taborn, Avenging Angel (ECM CD)

n  Arlene Sierra, Volume 1 (Bridge CD)

n  Matthew Shipp, The Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear 2xCD)

n  Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop CD)

n  Chris Thile and Daves, Sleep with One Eye Open (Nonesuch CD)

n  Radiohead, The King of Limbs (TBD vinyl LP)

n  John Adams, Son of Chamber Symphony and String Quartet (Nonesuch CD)

n  Seda Roeder, Listening to Istanbul (self-released CD)

n  Sophia Knapp, Nothing to Lose (Drag City 7” vinyl)

n  Devotchka, 100 Lovers (Anti CD)

n  Amy Briggs, Tangos for Piano (Ravello CD)

n  Chiara String Quartet and Matmos, Jefferson Friedman: Quartets (New Amsterdam CD)

n  Battles, The Gloss Drop (Warp CD)

n  Thurston Moore, Demolished Thoughts (Matador LP)

n  New England Conservatory, American Music for Percussion, Vol. 1&2 (Naxos CDs)

n  Anti-Social Music, Is the Future is Everything (Peacock CD)

n  Orchestra 2001, To the Point (Innova CD)

n  Vicky Chow, Ryan Francis Works for Piano (Tzadik CD)

n  Brian Eno, Drums between the Bells (Warp digital)

n  International Street Cannibals and others, Ballets and Solos (Composer Concordance CD)