The Quartetto di Sassofoni Accademia has returned to Italy.  They were a bit unsatisfied with one passage in their performance of my Terranean Meditation.  They say they are going to perform it a few hundred times, so I hope they are satisfied at some point.  In any case, their dissatisfaction has reaped me one immediate benefit: they decided to schedule a recording session of the passage in question right before they departed.  On Monday morning, they spent about 45 minutes on one minute of music in the performance tent, running it over and over until it they had several outstanding takes.  Gaetano di Bacco, the soprano player, is an experienced recording engineer – he said he would edit the passage into the performance recording and send it to me.

Then we had fond but hurried farewells, and they sped off to the airport.

Next up, a performance this Thursday night of Furies and Muses by the Wintergreen Chamber Players.  They have been rehearsing already; I will hear them tonight.

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