I’ve developed a small, dry, nagging cough in the past week that doesn’t seem to want to get worse or go away.  I brought it with me on Tuesday to the last place I’d want to bring a nagging cough: a recording session.

The occasion was an attempt to capture Sparkling in the Dark in digits.  Saxton Rose and Taimur Sullivan played beautifully, while I twisted knobs, pressed keys and sucked hard on my Ricolas.

I’ve mentioned before that Sparkling in the Dark is my first electroacoustic piece, which means I’ve written one more electroacoustic piece than a dead man.  Much to my bewilderment, the piece is getting picked up by two other duos for additional performances in the spring.  Not bad payoff for my first hack at the electroacoustic job.

Maybe I need to think about upping my advantage over said dead man, before it’s too late.  Cough, cough.

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