This Thursday night, violinist Jacqui Carrasco of the Forecast Ensemble will play ten selections from Fifteen Minutes, my unaccompanied serenade to celebrity.  Because of time limitations, she won’t be playing the entire work, but this piece is more excerptable than most – it’s just a set of one-minute sound-bytes.  She’s playing:

Grand Entrance
Self Absorption
Minute March

Jacqui has been a consistent force in the new-music world since the 90s.  A founding member of the Cygnus Ensemble, she’s played with the Cassatt Quartet, S.E.M., Newband, and scads of other cool groups.

Now she’s with Forecast, and the band has a nice lineup for their set at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.  Music by friends and colleagues in the air:

John Beck: West Side Impressions
Mark Engebretson: The Difficulties
Michael Rothkopf: At a Crossroads
Alejandro Rutty: More Music for Examining and Buying Merchandise
Eric Schwartz: My Unshaped Form

And the by-now-expected 2012 John Cage experience will make an appearance.  More here.

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