Last summer, I wrote about The Better Angels of Our Nature, which was one of the winners of Ravinia’s first composer competition. Last week, I was doing a search for information on another piece of mine, and I came across this nice review of the premiere of TBAoON, which took place on November 23rd. Funny part is, Ravinia never told me when they were premiering the piece – I found out by accident. I think this may be the first time I’ve had a piece premiered without at least coaching a dress rehearsal. I’m definitely sure it’s the first time that’s happened with such a renowned institution.

Much to my delight, the narration for the piece was done by none other than Welz Kauffman himself, the CEO of the Ravinia Festival. Not sure if he donned a beard and a stovepipe hat for the occasion, but he certainly had nice things to say in an email to me afterwards.

Maybe someday I’ll get to hear it myself.

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