Working on a chamber piece with piano right now – there’s an extended passage in the piano part in which one hand is playing a fast, metronomic staccato pattern while the other plays rich, freely rolled chords.  Like one hand is channeling Steve Reich while the other conjures Franz Liszt.

Technically, each hand is only modestly challenging, and I’m guessing that professional pianists will have no trouble putting them together.  But I’m finding my token keyboard skills completely befuddled by this particular blend.  Can’t seem to get even a slight fingerhold on coordinating the two styles.  And that befuddlement makes me wonder if it might not be as effective as I imagine.

I really should put a page or two in front of a pianist to see what reaction I get.  But part of me is afraid to being told it won’t work, because I can hear how cool it would sound if it did work.  If someone told me to forget about it, could I really?

No, I’d stick with it, stubborn little cuss that I am.

4 Responses to “Reich meets Liszt”
  1. David Rakowski says:

    It might be cool to put a page or two in front of the s21 reader, too, to see what reaction you get.

  2. Lawrence Dillon says:

    Good idea. I haven’t had any luck posting pages of music to this blog in the past, but maybe it’s time to try again. Don’t have time to futz with it right now, though — it’s amazing how many techie things I’m in the middle of futzing with these days.

  3. Lawrence:
    Can’t wait to see this piece!!
    All best and admiration, KS

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