Today I’ll give a seminar at SUNY Stony Brook, tomorrow at Curtis.  Nice to get these gigs where I get to meet a bunch of young composers.

Sometimes when I visit another school the students have zillions of questions and comments for me, and we spark off into a great discussion.  Sometimes, though, everyone clams up, and awkward, well-meaning smiles are all we can manage.  I’ve seen that happen with guest composers who come to speak with my students also, and I can’t really say why things go smoothly or not.   Usually it just takes one good question, even just one good word, and the whole class takes flight.

If I find an answer, I’ll be sure to create an app for it, because it would definitely come in handy.

2 Responses to “young composers”
  1. Tom Myron says:

    Hey, LMK if you’ll be in the Five College area. It would be a blast to hang out.


  2. Lawrence Dillon says:

    Sure thing — gotta get one of those five colleges to program a piece of mine…

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