Mp3 Blog #68: Fausto Romitelli

Fausto Romitelli:
”Cupio Dissolvi” (1996)
For fifteen instruments
Performed by the Ensemble Phoenix Basel
Not available comercially

”The Nameless City” (1997)
For string orchestra and bells ad libitum
Performed by Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Not available comercially

”Flowing Down too Slow” (2001)
For string quartet and electronics
Performed by Art Zoyd and Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles
Available on this compact disc at Forced Exposure

* * * * *

Since the two performances of “Inner Music” I have been discovering a lot of new music and, although I now have a much larger collection of music that I want to post, I almost feel at a loss of words to accompany them.

That aside, one of the more exciting composers that I’ve recently discovered is the Italian composer Fausto Romitelli. I haven’t been able to find too much about him (besides the link I’ve included over his name) but mostly the music speaks for itself. Most of Romitelli’s works are infused with a high level of energy and an almost psychedelic absorption in sound that at times resembles some of the more visceral moments in Grisey’s compositions. Although I’m not as fond of some of his explorations with literally infusing elements of electronic popular music in pieces like “Professor Bad Trip” and his video opera “An Index of Metals” I do think that in most of his compositions he captures a visceral timbral energy usually only found in popular music, but in a way which is very original and personal. It is really a shame that he recently died in 2004 at the very young age of 41. Hopefully we’ll soon see many more recordings and releases from his remarkable oeuvre.

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