Chris Thile, the best bluegrass mandolin player alive except for maybe Mike Marshall and Sam Bush is having a joint CD release party with some girl fiddle player named Hillary Hahn next Tuesday night starting at 7 pm at Housing Works Used Book Cafe, 126 Crosby Street, NYC 10012 (212-334-3324). 

What makes this an unusual CD release event is that tickets are being sold to the public for $15 with the proceeds going to charity, specifically Housing Works which does a lot of good things.  

The kids have a lot in common; both were child prodigies.  They will performing both classical and bluegrass music which seems about right since that’s what they do.  I’m hoping they’ll play a couple of things together.  Love to hear Hillary cut loose on “Billy in the Low Ground” or “Black Mountain Rag.”

Master Salvage and I are planning to go and I expect that other great bluegrass fiddle player, Frank J. Oteri, will probably be in attendance, too. 

And, who wants to go to the American Modern Ensemble Midtown Sound concert at Tenri on October 14 and review it for S21?  I can get you a pair of free tickets. 

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  1. Ok, there are some old cats out there who can still set fire to a hound dog but they’re disappearing. I remember seeing Frank with Jimmy Martin. You needed a cold shower after they finished.

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