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Who is Nico Mulhy and should I care?

5 thoughts on “I Wanna Jam it Wid You”
  1. I had the pleasure of hearing an unreleased recording of his settings of several sections from THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE which was extraordinary. The music, not to mention the production values, on SPEAKS VOLUMES is excellent. It helps that Nico is a lovely person as well!

  2. Well, he’s a really knowledgeable and musically accomplished person and, I think, a really interesting composer. And, something I appreciate a lot, completely un-ideological. So, I think you probably should care. And maybe you could be a little less patronizing about him.

    One piece not on the CD which I think is terrific is By All Means.

  3. He’s also man of the month over at NewMusicBox (that’s him behind the teacup).

  4. Muhly, sorry. There’s a profile of him in Sunday’s New York Times. I went over to Rhapsody and listened to his (presumably) first album Quiet Music, currently number five on the Rhapsody classical charts which, of course, immediately raised red flags, as did the fact that I immediately liked it. Small ensemble works, very engaging, and melodic with some surprises, the thinking man’s Michael Nyman. Immediate impression is here is a man who was born to score Sophia Coppela films.

    Until the last piece on the CD, which is the only one to use voice as part of the texture. Nothing you’ve heard before quite prepares you it. He’ll still do the Sophia pictures but if he wants to stretch himself a bit he could be this generation’s Ned Rorem.

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