And so it came to pass that our Gaucho Amigo Marvin Rosen was abidin’ over his flock in a starry meadow high in the Cuspadores when an angel appeared unto him and said:  “Marvin, remember last year when you did that fabulous 24-hour music marathon on WPRB in Princeton — available around the world via the miracle of the Internet?  Man, that was cool.  You ought to do it again.”  And lo, Marvin agreed and the time and date were set.

I’ll wait while you get a pencil.

The second Marvin Rosen Post-Christmas Classical Discoveries The Hits Keep Coming Musical Marathon begins at 6:00 am Friday, December 26 and continues through (you guessed it) 6:00 am Saturday the 27th.  Marvin will play lots of our kind of music and some surprise guests will be dropping by [like in September of 2007, when this photo of S21 ringmeister Jerry Bowles, NewMusicBox honcho Frank J. Oteri and Marvin hiswunnerful self was taken — ed.].

If I had written this up earlier, you might have been able to submit your own work for possible airplay (assuming it is clear for broadcast, meaning no MP3).  But, I forgot.  Sorry.

But, you can still make recommendations for things for Marvin to play.  My suggestion is that Marvin put on John Cage’s As Slow as Possible and go home and take a nap.  What would you like to hear?

One thought on “Marvin’s Miraculous Musical Marathon”
  1. Marvin runs the best kick-ass serious music program anywhere in the USA. I am proud to call him my friend. I learn new things from him every time I listen at Then I hotsy myself over to Amazon and buy the mp3’s about which I have learned from Marvin.

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