Some enterprising folks have put together an updatable master list of artists, musicians and bands on Twitter. (Yes, now you too can tell Jimmy Eat World what you had for breakfast).  Why don’t one of you geeky types with some time on your hands rush over to Google Docs and create a spread sheet where Composers, Real Musicians (like the ones who read S21) and fellow travelers can add their Twitter addresses.  We’ll do a link

4 thoughts on “Tweet Memories”
  1. MediaWiki isn’t that big a deal—it’s worked fine so far, no? I still can’t figure out how to make a live hyperlink on google docs, but have no issues with the wiki. Go figure.

  2. A geeky solution and perfect for those who want to go to the trouble of logging in and then working with the not exactly intuitive MediaWiki interface. However, I think we would get far greater participation with the open access Google Docs approach. Hands?

  3. That seems like an unnecessary step, Jerry, in terms of google docs. Why not simply take advantage of resources that already exist here? The wiki is the first thing that comes to mind, which is nice because it’s user-maintained. The other would be a page here with everyone’s twitter addresses (mine is @dbtoub) but that would have to be maintained by someone at S21. I can start a wiki page with twitter addresses. I’ll post the link in a few minutes.

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