Apropos our earlier news about the cutbacks to Marvin Rosen‘s “Classical Discoveries” and “Classical Discoveries goes Avant-Garde” programs on WPRB radio:  I’ve just received the good word from Marvin himself that — due in large part to all your messages of support —the station has decided to keep “Classical Discoveries goes Avant-Garde” in the schedule, each Wednesday from 11AM until 1PM ET. Marvin also writes: “I’ve been asked by the Classical Director to let you all know how WPRB feels. Please see her quote to me below”:

“Please thank your listeners for me and for the whole of WPRB management, for letting us know what they think and for showing support for the programming they love. It’s well-deserved.”

“P.S. – I would like to remind you all that the WPRB Listeners Survey is still on until the end of this month.  This is your opportunity to express your preferences in the programming and give your opinion. I would like to thank Sequenza 21 readers for overwhelming  support.  It is incredible to see the power of the written word. These 2 extra hours for more modern works is exciting news for me and hope for everyone else!” — Marvin Rosen

Go team go! Way to make a difference. (The show resumes next week, and remember that even if you can’t listen through the air you can still catch it anywhere in the world with WPRB’s live internet audio stream.)

4 thoughts on “They heard you”
  1. It is nice to be heard! Thanks for the reminder, Daniel. I loved in the listener survey where it (as I remember) asked “Why have you not contributed in the past?” All I could come up with was “Ummm…I don’t know!”. The “real” excuses – I only listen a few hours a week or isn’t everything linked to PU already rich, or whatever – those excuses would have sounded “inexcusable” if I’d put them down. Time to step up for me.

  2. I’ll also add that for WPRB’s sake, if you do like the program, please make a financial contribution. I don’t work for WPRB, but for another public radio classical station. Just a suggestion.

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