I did some serious updating of the blognoggle|classical music blog aggregation site today…freshened up the design, added a bunch of people, removed some dead links. Take a look and let me know whose blogs I’ve missed.

On the topic of blogs, Alex Ross has moved his over to the New Yorker site where it is now called Unquiet Thoughts. Update your bookmarks appropriately. And while you’re at it, add our good buddy Ian Moss’s Createquity.

Don’t miss Jay Batzner’s review of Julia Wolfe’s new CD of her piece for 9 bagpipes. (A bit too late for Guantanamo, but something for the Pentagon to keep in mind for the future–that’s me talking, not Jay).

The calendar page is fixed again. For those of you who post concert notices there, a small request: after I give you a login and password, don’t register yourself and change the password. Just use the pw I give you, post your concert, and leave quietly. Otherwise, nobody else–including me–can get in.

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