Congratulations to Joseph Rosenzweig, the first correct answerer to yesterday’s Ligeti question. Yes, Ligeti’s Poeme Symphonique is for 100 metronomes, and with that Mr. Rosenzweig & friend will be attending The New York Philharmonic’s May 27th production of Le Grand Macabre.

But there is still one more pair of tickets to give away, and one more question for some speedy answerer to, well, answer:

In 1986 Ligeti was an early winner of the prestigious Grawemeyer Award. For what work was it given? 

Answers to:

Will you be the first person e-mailing us the correct response? Will you be the lucky soul taking a friend for free to see this wonderful, riotous spectacle? Can there be any doubt it’s going to be you? — whoever you may be…

[Update:  And that “you” turned out to be Whitney Ashe, the correct answer being Ligeti’s first book of piano Etudes. Congatulations Whitney, enjoy the show, and thanks to all you other readers for participating!]