There are a couple of posts over at our new sister ship Chamber Musician Today that cry out for comment.  Alas, the folks who visit there so far seem to be a bit more shy than the S21 gang so I’d like to recruit some of you to run over and stir up some trouble.  In New Rules for Classical Musicians, violinist Marjorie Kransberg-Talvi argues that it is unrealistic to expect struggling big city music organizations to pay the same salaries and maintain the same work rules they’ve had in better times.  The Detroit Symphony strike, she says, is simply hastening its own demise.  After seeing the current salary figures she quotes, I suspect she is right.   The other post that commands your attention is Drew Baker’s Not Just Professors in Training:  Empowering Composers After Graduation.  I suspect you can guess what that one’s about.

So run on over to CMT, click the sign up link in the green box in the right sidebar (takes 30 seconds, tops) so your name will appear on your comment, and do do that voodoo that you all do so well around here.

6 thoughts on “Commenters Wanted: No Experience Necessary”
  1. Thanks Jerry-yeah, it finally loaded after several minutes while I entered my comment.

    Oh, and Plovdiv is in Bulgaria.

    Now, where is Tuva? Bonus points if anyone knows how it relates to a major figure in quantum electrodynamics…

  2. First report I’ve had, David, but I relayed it to my techies in Plovdiv. (Points for anyone who knows where that is).

  3. Jerry, maybe it’s the karma here just outside Philly, but all that loads on that site is the background graphic. I’m using Safari 5.0.2. Anyone else having this issue?

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