That’s right. Anything you want to ask a famous (or maybe not so famous) conductor is now possible thanks to the miracle of Twitter. To participate, simply think of a question and pose it on Twitter. For more information or to ask a question, visit #askthemusician and choose a conductor; questions must be 140 characters or less and must include the hash tag #askaconductor and the conductor’s Twitter handle.

#askaconductor in 5 simple steps

Step 1: Think of a question

Step 2: Log in to Twitter

Step 3: Pose your question today. Just remember to stick to 140 characters or less and be sure to include the hash tag #askaconductor.

Step 4: Wait for the conductor to answer!

For a list of conductors who have signed up to participate so far, visit #askthemusicians.

Here’s what’s shakin’ so far: