On Tuesday, December 13, Bay-area artist Amy X Neuburg will collaborate for one-night only with NY-based pianist/composer Cory Smythe at Brooklyn’s Roulette on Atlantic Ave.

Neuburg’s brand of music, which has been dubbed “avant-cabaret”, promises to be an interesting blend with Smythe’s improvisational work as they will play a majority of the evening together, as well as some portions solo.


Amy told us recently in an interview what to look forward to in this unique show:

We’re each performing a few solo songs, but the bulk of the evening will be brand new and collaborative. Much of our music leaves room for improvisation, and most of it involves live looping of the piano and the voice. You’ll hear a “cabaret improv” song about rat experiments, a completely whack song Cory has written which I am to sing in a country twang while looping piano chords in multiple odd time signatures, a duo of new songs (about personality disorders) constructed of simple layered lines, two composed songs that we played earlier this year in Milwaukee, and an unusual interpretation of “Gretchen am Spinnrade” that we have convinced ourselves Mr. Schubert would appreciate.


A member of International Contemporary Ensemble, and a composer in his own right, Cory Smythe has also shared some thoughts about the upcoming collaborative gig:

I’m looking forward to collaborating with Amy on some really clever pieces of hers as well as some improvisatory stuff we’ve arrived at together. We’ll each also do some solo music which, for my part, will comprise a couple of the pieces from Pulripotent that have continued to evolve as well as some newer ideas that are more electronically influenced. As of right now, I’m also planning on doing some (heavily processed!) singing on a couple of things–but you’ll have to come on the 13th to see if I chicken out.

If you are in or near Brooklyn or NY next week, stop over to Roulette and experience this fascinating show!

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Amy X Neuburg/Cory Smythe
Tuesday, December 13, 8 PM
509 Atlantic Ave (At the corner of 3rd Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

(917) 267-0363
email: roulette@roulette.org