Breaking news from Cuernavaca, Mexico–Stefano Scodanibbio has passed away, a tremendous bassist, a fearless improviser, and a gifted composer. Faced with ALS, he decided to spend his last days in Mexico, a country he loved. I haven’t found any reports in English, but for those of you who speak Spanish, here’s the report. Google translation (not too bad) here.

3 thoughts on “Stefano Scodanibbio 1956-2012”
  1. He was such a great person. In his long 56 years have lot of side which we can take as an idol. By the way I am praying for peach of his soul. Thanks mate.

  2. I’ll never forget a concert of his hour-long semi-improvised journey at June in Buffalo a few years back. The sounds he was able to achieve from the bass were spectacular. Someone asked him the next day about the possibility of others performing it because of its amazing technique. He said, that he could do it and a few of us students were getting there. Now we won ‘t be able to know where his journey would have led.

  3. Stefano Scodanibbio held the audience spellbound with his unaccompanied improvisation years ago at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Monday Evening Concerts. Of the thousands of concerts I have attended, his is one of the unforgettable!

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