The great ones don’t look for music; music finds them.  Ordinary people can learn to play and maybe even perform but the great ones are born with it. They live it…and perfect it. No matter the genre or style,  no matter where they try to hide–even a dirt farm in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas–music finds the kids with the spark and, for better or sometimes worse, it consumes them. And it makes the world a better place for all of us.

4 thoughts on “Levon”
  1. Sorry but I don’t see anything special about this. There are many find performers/composers of this blues tinged rock style.

    As for your premise the great ones are born with “it” is something I am surprised sequenza21 would post. I mean I thought this place was leaning a little more to intellectual discussion than fan adoration. If I wanted the latter I could go and read the comments at You Tube for this.

  2. I visit this page once in a while and did not expect to find a tribute to Levon here. I’m so glad I did.

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