In my continuing efforts to find volunteer reviewers who will actually write reviews, this is my latest tack.  All of the wonderful CDs you see below are currently in my possession and available to be shipped to your mailbox.  The rules are this:  You can request up to 3; first e-mail request wins (list a couple of alternatives in case somebody else has beaten you to your first choice).  You have one week per CD to write and post a review on the CD page and you must agree to accept one CD of my choice for every one of your choice.  You pick three then I pick three, not necessarily from the batch pictured here which means you might get some dogs.  You have two weeks for each of my choices.  Failure to meet the rules simply means you don’t get to play next time.  Meeting the rules means you’ll never have to buy a CD again. Send your reservations to me here.

Henry Brant
Music for Massed Flutes                              New World

Earle Brown Selected Works 1952–1965
Composer(s): Earle Brown                              New World


Works for Violin
Composer(s): Henry Cowell, Charles Dodge, David Mahler, Larry Polansky, Ruth Crawford, Stefan Wolpe, George Antheil, Johanna Beyer
Miwako Abe, violin                                      
Michael Kieran Harvey, piano                       New World

George Antheil
Composer(s): George Antheil
Piano Concerto No. 2, Serenade No. 2, and Dreams
Philadelphia Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra
Daniel Spalding, conductor
Guy Livingston, piano                                                     New World

David Tudor & Gordon Mumma
Composer(s): David Tudor, Gordon Mumma New World

Christian Wolff
10 Exercises                                                   New World


Ontophony                                                                  Composer: Michael O’Neill
New Music for Highland Pipes and Percussion


Serenada Schizophrana
Composer:  Danny Elfman


Artist in Residence
Jason Moran
Blue Note 


Eötvös conducts Stockhausen
Gruppen, Punkte
Composer: Karlheinz Stockhausen
WDR Sinfonie Orchester Köln
Budapest Music

5 Responses to “Free CDs”
  1. Wow! New World is putting out some great stuff!

  2. Bill says:

    Great idea. Looking forward to the reviews (especially the Tudor, Wolff and Stockhausen).

  3. andrea says:

    yeah, i got to work on the reading skill thing… it’s all good.

  4. Evan Johnson says:

    you have to email him, andrea, or it doesn’t count.



  5. andrea says:

    i’d like the henry brant, please. one is all i’ve got time for.