Anybody know who’s writing the Intermission: Impossible blog for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center?  Clever writer.  Check it out today for Fred Sherry’s Top 11 Approaching Newness picks. 

Who wants to review this Audio-DVD for Sequenza21?  (Must actually write review.) 

John Cage: Two3, Inlets, Two4 / Tamami Tono, Glenn Freeman, Christina Fong

7 Responses to “Halloween Spooks Outside My Window”
  1. Mena Hanna says:

    I need to start advertising a John Cage Festival I’m spearheading in London next summer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Ian Moss says:

    🙂 No, Ronen Givony.

  3. jodru says:

    We were classmates?

  4. Ian Moss says:

    Weird. That guy was a classmate of mine (and Evan’s) at Yale, and there’s another person on CMSLC’s staff who was in my elementary school.

  5. Jerry Bowles says:

    Joe Drew beat you to it. Next time.

  6. Evan Johnson says:

    I’ll review the CD, Jerry, if you like. You can thank me later.

  7. Alex Ross says:

    I believe it’s being written by Ronen Givony, who works at CMS and is also curating the interesting new Wordless Music series.