You see this picture here? That is Alaska. That’s where my Three Miniatures for Violin and Marimba was premiered at the Juneau Jazz & Classics Festival this past May. I have fond memories of my trip there: the piece was performed no fewer than four times during the festival in various contexts, each one a little different: there was the formal premiere at a beautiful chapel by the lake with large windows serving as the backdrop to the stage; the somewhat guerilla-esque performance at Heritage Coffee; the workshop with the kids at the local magnet school. (“What did you guys think of that?” the violinist asked them, and a boy in the back raised his hand with dramatic flair and declared with the utmost finality, “WHOAH.”) I had my first radio interview ever, with Susan Fitzgerald on KTOO-FM in Juneau; I must have broken a record for the number of “umms” in a ten-minute period. Best of all, the festival arranged for participants to get free helicopter tours to Mendenhall Glacier just outside of Juneau, in which the helicopter lands ON THE GLACIER and you can hike along the ice field. As it happens, the recording of the premiere performance is scheduled to arrive today, and I may be hearing it for the first time as you read this.

You may not get to experience Alaska on Monday, November 20, but you will get to hear the first performance in New York of my piece. You know what else you’ll get to hear?

  • Four world premieres by Galen H. Brown, Lawrence Dillon, David Salvage, and David Toub.
  • Performances by a killer cast including Daniel Beliavsky, members of the International Contemporary Ensemble, Thomas Meglioranza, and David Starobin.
  • The United States premiere of The Weather Riots by our Dutch friend, Samuel Vriezen – and guess what? The Frolicsome Composer from Hell himself will be there to tinkle the keys for us.
  • Plus killer stuff (including many pieces being heard for the first time in New York City) from Anthony Cornicello, Jeff Harrington, Mary Jane Leach, Tom Myron, Frank J. Oteri, and Judith Lang Zaimont.

So how much would you think such an orgy of sound would cost? Try FREE. That’s right, no service charges, no “convenience” fees, no taxes, no late penalties, no interest due. Just show up at 7:30 and bring your antihistamines, ’cause this concert is gonna be sick.

4 Responses to “Smell that fresh air”
  1. Ian Moss says:

    Bill Solomon, marimba and Jeffrey Phillips, violin. Both of them are playing on other pieces as well.

  2. Jerry Bowles says:

    Who playing your piece, Ian?

  3. Jerry Bowles says:

    I don’t breathe air I can’t see.

  4. David Salvage says:

    I feel like barfing already.