Sequenza 21 and Manhattan New Music Project present


ACME in Concert


Tuesday October 25, 2011 at 7 PM

Joe’s Pub, NYC




American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME)


Yuki Numata, Caroline Shaw, violins
Nadia Sirota, viola
Clarice Jensen, cello
Jonathan Singer, percussion
Timothy Andres, piano




Wily Overture …                                                            Christian Carey (premiere)
Welcome …                                                                        Nancy Kleaver (MNMP)

Requests …                                                                        David Smooke

Grand Dragon (excerpt from Speedvisions) …            Rob Deemer
Slumber Music …                                                            Jay Batzner
Steal Away (excerpt from O Sapentia) …                        Hayes Biggs

Intermission –


Linea Negra …                                                            Laurie San Martin
Refuge …                                                                        Sam Nichols
Sixteen Lines …                                                            Robert E. Thomas

How it Will Go …                                                            Dale Trumbore
Oracle Night …                                                            James Stephenson
Nostos-Algea …                                                            James Holt



This concert was made possible by the generous support of Manhattan New Music Project (, and Sequenza 21 ( publisher Jerry Bowles


Recording: Glenn Freeman of OgreOgress Productions (


Program committee: Clarice Jensen, Hayes Biggs, and Christian Carey


ACME Management: Bernstein Artists, Inc.


ACME Publicist: Christina Jensen


Thanks: Nancy Kleaver & Max Freedman of MNMP, Jerry Bowles, Steve Layton, Sue Renée Bernstein, Christina Jensen, Canelle Boughton, Glenn Freeman, Justin Monsen; the staff at Joe’s Pub: Shanta Thake, Sara Beesley, Michele Renkovski, & Patricia Bradby.


Special thanks: to the musicians for their dedicated work preparing the program; to the featured composers for their beautiful music; and to all the members of the Sequenza 21 and Manhattan New Music Project communities, without whom this event would not be possible.





5 thoughts on “It’s Tonight! Hope to see You there!”
  1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for the well wishes for tonight, but I’d like to mention one thing regarding your last sentence: you are certainly no loser! One of the biggest challenges with mounting this event was making the selections. If it were possible from a funding and logistical standpoint, we could have easily presented a half-dozen concerts selected from those who responded to the call for scores. As it is, our program tonight stretches the boundaries of what we could do in the time allotted for rehearsal and in the space. ACME has been kind enough to work very hard; we presented them with a tall order!

    So, we’ve had to content ourselves with presenting a small slice of the wonderfully talented and diverse Sequenza21 community. We tried to do our best to represent as many voices as possible, but found it frustrating to not be able to share works such as yours, David Toub’s, Denise Anderson’s, and many others I don’t have space to name here.

    Having been on the other side of calls for scores, as an applicant who’s not been selected, I know it’s disappointing. I can only say that I hope those of you who weren’t programmed this time out can forgive our limited resources and know that, in our minds, everyone who entered makes valuable contributions to our community. And, I hope we’re all still friends.

  2. Congratulations to the winners and enjoy the concert! Like David said, I too have great memories of the music and the community before and after the first S21 concert. Have a pint on me, from one of the losers! Cheers!

  3. Good luck to everyone! I wish I could be there. I wish everyone all the great memories I have from the previous two S21 concerts. And I hope the house is totally packed!

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