3 Responses to “Who’s Got the Last Laugh Now?”
  1. Sparky P. says:

    Boy was I wrong! The A’s, save for Milton Bradley and Jay Payton (and to a lesser extent, Eric Chavez, all of whom had a swell ALCS) never showed up. Oh well, that’s life. The Tiggers, on the other hand, looked great. Maybe this momentum will continue into a fine World Series.

    Now, back to the other discussion at hand.

  2. Sparky P. says:

    Oakland in 6. It’ll be hard fought for sure, especially when Kenny Rogers takes the mound in game 2 (most likely) for the Tigers (he’s got an incredible record at the Colliseum). The key for the Athletics is to score early and often. The Yankees? They never really stood a chance (I risk being disowned at home for that; they wil understand). Beyond C-M Wang and Mike Mussina, they didn’t have much else starting pitching. Then there is that Alex Rodriguez guy too (E-Rod in the field, K-Rod when at bat, Mr. March all around). Watch out for Steinbrenner the desparate come the off-season. Stay tuned. It will be a great ALCS.

  3. Alan Theisen says:

    Who’s got the last laugh now?

    The Detroit Tigers.