Tania León, a wonderful composer and musician and one of the nicest people in this crazy business of ours, is the featured composer this week at a spectacular new classical music space called the Gatehouse, a beautifully renovated old Romanesque Revival building that once served as a pumping station for water flowing from the Croton Reservoir to the taps of New York City.

The new space is operated by Aaron Davis Hall Inc., Harlem’s long time center for the performing arts, which has been re-named Harlem Stage.  Of course, the actual Aaron Davis Hall, which is just across the road from the Gatehouse, is still Aaron Davis Hall.  Got it?

The inaugural program at the Gatehouse is called Water Works, with this week’s installment devoted to the Cuban-born Leon.  The program will include the premiere of Reflections for Soprano and chamber ensemble, Batey, Ritual, Momentum  and Tumbao  for solo piano and O, Yemanja from Leon’s opera Scourge of Hyacinths

Tuesday through Saturday nights at 7:30, 150 Convent Avenue, at West 135th Street, Hamilton Heights, (212) 650-7100, harlemstage.org; $35.

Sequenza21 concert.  Next Monday night.  Free.  Live Music. Cheap wine.  Be there or be square.  See the bum (actually Ian Moss) on the left for the address and details.  Did I say it was free?

Update:  David Salvage’s mom is bringing home baked cookies.

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  1. David Salvage says:

    Yay Tania Leon!