Name all the people in this photo and win a turkey.  (Thanks to Steve Layton for the Last Supper treatment.)

5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”
  1. Steve Layton says:

    I’ve had my old Paintshop Pro 6.0 for years, which luckily still installed & ran fine when I went straight from W95 to XP (I’m another happy PC booster, Hugh). It’s owned by Corel now, and for everyone short of graphic professionals has all the tools you’re likely to ever need, without shelling out the huge bucks for Photoshop. I didn’t even upgrade past 6.0; once it got all the filters, plug-in support & vector graphics, most “improvements” to these programs in the last few years are simply extra “dumb-down” tools for regular Joes to auto-fix-up their bad photos.

  2. Hugh Sung says:

    cool! someone’s been putting my picture gallery to good use! lol – neat panaorama stitching! What program did you use?

  3. Imagine the impact on Western culture if everyone at the Last Supper had ordered beer and french fries.

  4. Steve Layton says:

    Just Jerry’s way of not giving away a turkey without a fight, Kyle…

  5. Kyle Gann says:

    I don’t know, Jerry, those three behind Rama were from an unrelated party. Anybody who can name them too deserves more than a turkey.